Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tex Dawson by Jim Steranko

The Valor Covers by Wally Wood

The Magic Markers of Jack Kirby

4 X Rich Corben

Beowulf VS The Ghost-Beast by Wally Wood

Daredevil by Jack Kirby

The Incomplete Enchanter by Jeff Jones

When It's Spring by Jack Kirby

This far-out chick woulda been right-on in The Forever People

Monster Mania by Frank Frazetta

Yeah, a bazillion of these on here already, but this print is better/lesser/diff from the cover

to the memory of Robert E. Howard by Barry Smith

If I'm not mistaken (and I often am), this image of Conan was only printed the two times.  First is the Marvel Treasury #4 version, colored by Barry hisself, and then as originally published in Savage Tales #3

(Later that same day....)  Well, once again I sit corrected.  Here is the THIRD time this was published, in the back of a Conan Classics.  As stated, I am often mistaken

A Map of Asgard by Jack Kirby

Amarix VS Blackmark by Gil Kane

Another panel from the second child of Kane's genius idea to combine comics with books.  As always, the various publications could not do these artistic justice, so, yeah, we're gonna need people to come down to headquarters with ALL the original art.  Not too shabby history on here if you search Blackmark, but here's the splash from the first graphic novel and better images of the Comics Journal cover, and the unused cover to the second intended paperback (BM VS The Mind Demons)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Win A Prize Comics #3 Cover by Jack Kirby

As I always say, I'm so broke I cannae even pay attention, but this right here is all I've ever seen of Win A Prize #3 (#s 1and 2 are on here a coupla times).  Does this thing exist, and can I see more?  Clue a fellow fan in

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sean Connery And Marlon Brando by Paul Gulacy

Okay, and maybe a jet-pack or three.  Great page from Master of Kung-Fu #47

The Goblin Tower by Jeff Jones

Found this at the giant bookstore in Portland the one time I went