Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jericho by Jack Kirby

Search on here for pencil and inked versions

Frank Frazetta Sketch

Archived what appears to be a quick and beautiful sketch so long ago I've lost the publication, but fairly certain it was for a fanzine

Dragon Trio

Berni Wrightson, Bob Kline, and Jack Kirby

The King's Clocks by Jack Kirby

I dig this post the most (poet and dinnae knowit-my shoes are elevens).  I believe I have distilled this old Marvel story to it's essence, and get to look at great art in a flash, and apparently Stan Lee was more of a genius writer than I give him credit for--the dialog in the middle image is perfecto--two references to clocks in one cliche

Warp Poster by Neal Adams

Another Look Back by Berni Wrightson

Little Women by Wally Wood

Teenage Wally seemed to be channeling his early Animan with a tiny dancer, but it definitely mirrors Jungle Jim